Frequently asked question

How often should you have your carpets steam cleaned?

Dirty carpets not only look bad, but they can be bad for your health. The average household should be vacuuming at least twice a week. Dut If you want to extend the life of your carpet, it is important to have it professionally cleaned at least Twice a year. According to most carpet manufacturers recommend the steam cleaning method.

How often should you clean your carpet with pets?

If you are a pet owner, it is advised that you use a Professional carpet cleaning company on your carpet every 3-6 months, and vacuum it twice weekly

How long does it take for a carpet to dry after cleaning?

Drying time will vary by the type of carpet, thickness of the pad and the cleaning techniques of the user. On average, it’s best to wait four to six hours before walking on the carpet after deep cleaning.

how long it take for area Rug to Dry?

Your Rugs will be completely dry in about 24 hours. For faster drying, ventilate area. Open doors and windows or turn on heat in damp or cold weather.

Accordion TitleHow safe are your carpet cleaning products?

Our Cleaning Product are 100% Safe! We use the safest and most effective technology to assure your satisfaction and safety. We do not use harsh chemicals, Our treatment and carpet cleaning methods are recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and only the best cleaning solutions and equipment are used.

Do you guarantee pet stain / Odor Removal?

Yes, we can help you with pet stain and odor. Pet urine can easily soak through the carpet`s padding underneath. In more severe cases the urine can penetrate the sub floor beneath the padding. To eliminate this problem, the urine must be removed or neutralized from each layer of carpet that is effected. If the contamination is limited to only the face yarn of the carpet, then general cleaning may effectively remove the odor. In more severe cases a urine neutralizer may be applied.